Pennethorne’s Shortlisted for Award

Pennethorne’s Cafe Bar, has been shortlisted for ‘Best Restaurant or Bar in a Heritage Building‘ at this year’s prestigious Restaurant & Bar Design Awards. As one of our many delightful clients but definitely the most stylish, it comes as no surprise. We spent many an hour pouring over the photography selection when designing their website and getting very hungry in the process. Even elements like the chef’s food table and pouring the coffee are styled with finesse making us wish we could work there instead of the Tobacco Factory…

Pennethorne's Cafe Bar, Design, Award, SHH

Well done to everyone and finger’s crossed for Pennethorne’s to win their category!

Interior design has become a bit of a new venture for us as well, with one of our clients seeking our creative skills to develop and brand their new office in Bristol. We should have something to put up here soon so watch this space!

In the interest of research then, it’s worth investigating the other categories because there’s some great design-led spaces across the UK. Here are a few gems to take note of if you’re ever in the neighbourhood and craving some design to go with your dinner.

Spitfire (Bristol), Standalone Restaurant

Spitfire, Design, Award, Bristol

The Common Room (Bath), Standalone Bar

Common Room, Bar, Design, Bath

Botanic Kitchen (Wyton), Restaurant / Bar in a Retail Space

Restaurant and Bar Design Awards, Wylon

Alston Bar & Beef (Glasgow), Restaurant / Bar in a Transport Space

Alston Bar and Beef, Restaurant, Bar, Design, Awards

Dandelyan (London), Restaurant / Bar in a Hotel

Dandelyon, Hotel Bar, Design, Award

WC (London), London Bar

WC, Bar Design, Award, London

Old Tom’s Salt & English (London), London Bar

Old Tom's, Salt, English, London, Bar Design, Award

And my favourite… Sketch. There’s something about a bubblegum pink, deco restaurant with a flourish of David Shrigley illustrations that’s hard to resist.

Sketch, Restaurant, Bar, Design, Awards,