Studio Scrapbook: April


An insight into studio life

March has come to an end and as always the team have been busy in the studio. The Digital Marketing team have been expanding on their (already impressive) knowledge, we welcome back a familiar face and we look at some new branding designs. You can also find out what we have been up to out outside the studio and the songs we’ve had on repeat this month.

Studio News

Zip Zap

We have just finished the design and build of a new idea generating platform for Idea’s First,  a client we have been working with for over 10 years. This is a new online brainstorming tool that lets innovation teams quickly share, refine and evaluate new ideas linked to a specific business challenge. To celebrate the success and completion of this project, members of Fanatic were treated to lunch and beers at the Grain Barge with the Idea’s First team.

You can check out this animated video we put together for the website, and if you’d like to see more of what we’ve been doing with Zip Zap, head over to the website here:


Digital marketing development

Our digital marketing team have been expanding their industry knowledge this month with a number of courses and workshops, and are set for even more when they attend SEO Brighton next month.

Our team regularly attend SEO and digital marketing talks in their spare time (get a life guys!) and this month sat in on a brilliant talk about in-depth keyword research and understanding user intent by analysing the SERPs. Next they took an Instagram masterclass to look at the best ways to tailor your account to customer interaction and increased conversions. They’re looking forward to applying this to help clients’ refine and improve their own Instagram accounts. With their heads fit the burst from all this knowledge they are off to Brighton SEO in two weeks, one of the country’s biggest and best industry conferences.


Fresh Cafe Branding

We’re currently developing brand explorations and interior options for a new cafe with restaurants in the UK and mainland Europe. It’s still early days and there’s a lot more to come, but to give you a small insight into some of the concepts, check out these weekly themed boards the designers have worked up.

What’s inspired us this month


Our designer Tom has been browsing through the latest edition of the Typism Book – it features a huge collection of typography pieces, submitted by several artists from around the world. See some of the work featured by heading over to their Instagram page:



Out and About

Sam’s Wall Art

If you have been following our scrapbook you will have seen that one of our graphic designer’s, Sam, has been doing a piece of design work for a local barber shop. This month he finished this amazing hand drawn project and we think the results are fantastic!


Tom leaves the loft

Sadly, we will saying goodbye to Tom Shannon, who has worked at Fanatic for over three and half years. He has produced some outstanding design work for our clients and the Fanatic brand and will be missed by all of our team. In next month’s Scrapbook we will have an interview with Tom looking back at his time in the studio and some of this favorite design pieces.

Ryan re-signs for Fanatic

It was a going to be a difficult task to replace Tom’s talents but in what has to be the signing of the season Ryan, who was originally involved in hiring Tom and helping with his training, has rejoined the team.

“After being away for just over three years I’m excited to be back at Fanatic. It’s feels a little strange coming in to replace the designer that I helped choose to replace me. But it is great to see how far Tom has come and I’m looking forward to working with some of my previous clients, and finding out more about all the new ones.  The team at Fanatic have made me feel like I’d never left and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into a range of exciting new projects and designs.”

Team Building

Nothing builds team spirit like being locked in a room together….

The whole studio took part in a samurai themed escape room, based around trying to defeat an evil warlord and destroy a magic stone. The process involved solving a multitude of codes and puzzles, from secret rooms to lockbox codes. Being a race against the clock (and the other half of the Fanatic team) it was a great experience and high pressure that made the whole team think outside the box.