A brand is the personality that the customer, client or guest experiences when interacting with your company and people.

Defining a message that communicates both the personality, and the actual product or service defines your brand.

What’s the first thing one of your customers, or potential customers would say about your service or product? What do they remember about it beyond the basics of what you delivered, and are you happy with their impression of you? What would you like them to say or think about their past, present or impending experience of your brand?

This will have a huge impact, not only on your current and potential customers, but also internally on your team and other stakeholders. If you boiled down everything you know about your organisation into two or three words, what would they be? And then consider, would everyone across the business say the same if asked?

The process of branding can bring people together from all levels of a business. From the customer facing to the glass boardroom, a common goal will give all of your people tangible tools to use day to day with customers whether delivering a service, pitching for a sale, or within your marketing materials. 

You can then go on to create a powerful brand story, and keep all your brain communications consistently memorable.

Remember, at every touch point your customers will form an impression. We’ll help you define what you’d like your audience to feel at each stage of their journey.

Our Brand workshops help you to shape and communicate your brand proposition clearly, making sure your proposition closely reflects your customer’s experience.

When we have a clear picture of your brand personality – the style and words to be used when pitching, we begin the design phase. 

The design process is an interactive process where we go through an initial design phase, before presenting and taking your feedback – a second design phase refines certain ideas, uses your feedback to generate new ideas and designs, before, again presenting and discussing. You are involved throughout the process, and we continue until all creative directions have been explored and you feel you have a design that perfectly communicates you and your brand.

We explore the use of colour, fonts, icons, imagery and language as we develop your visual identity. We also generate ideas for ongoing marketing campaigns, that can be fed into your marketing plan.

When the brand is signed off we provide you with a brand book, which can be consulted when designing ongoing communications and campaigns.