Studio Scrapbook: April

Want to know what Team Fanatic has been working on in the studio this month? Here’s our monthly round-up…

Studio News

It’s been a challenging and unprecedented few weeks, and, despite the team working remotely, it’s business as usual here at Fanatic. 

Throughout March we’ve been working with a client in Dublin on a new recruitment campaign (which we’ll be able to show you soon), we’ve been getting festive with the Venues Collection, designed some position pages for the European Round Table for Industry (ERT), created a guide to meeting venues in London for a venue finding and events management service as well as working on many other projects that we’d like to share with you.

But first, we’d like to say thank you…

We’d like to say a massive thank you to all the frontline NHS workers for their tireless efforts and selflessness during this last month and the months to come. We are truly grateful for such an amazing response to fight COVID19.

Our support goes out to everyone out there doing their bit and in recognition of this, the design team has created this graphic to remind us about social distancing. We can all do our bit to help to battle the #covıd19 #pandemic, you just need to remember to #keepyourdistance.

#stayhome #protectthenhs #savelives #bristol


NEW Design work 

36 Days of Type

This month the design team has been taking part in 36 Days of Type – a yearly project that invites all designers, illustrators and graphic artists to express their interpretation of the Latin alphabet. The aim is to show the typography’s endless graphic possibilities. 

36 Days of Type started in 2014 as a personal project from Nina Sans and Rafa Goicoechea, both graphic designers from Barcelona, that initially decided to challenge themselves to create something new every day, as a way to experiment with new things, creating personal daily design challenges around typography and graphic design. Take a look at all the design team’s letters over on our Instagram account.


Venues Collection – Christmas

The design team have been busy getting festive and have been working with the Venues Collection on a range of collateral for their Christmas campaign.


The Collection Events – NSEW guide to meeting rooms in London

London is one of the greatest cities in the world, but despite the great transport links, it can sometimes be tricky to get anywhere fast. 

To help event organisers navigate their way around London, the design and content team have been working together with The Collection Events to design a guide to meeting venues in London, covering all four points of the compass and connected to major train stations and airports. Take a look here.


Lime Venue Portfolio – Navigating COVID-19

Event trends that we’ve predicted to be some years from the mainstream now feel primed to become totally normal in a matter of months, if not weeks? In response, Lime Venue Portfolio has put together some resources to help clients adapt to, and prepare for a new age of events and events planning. 

The digital team worked with Lime to create a curated resource page to help event organisers navigate their way through COVID-19. This page will be updated regularly to support meetings, conference and event professionals looking for information, motivation and wellbeing inspiration. 

Interested in finding out more? Take a look here.


International Women’s Day at Portico

Our content team helped Portico – a specialist provider of high quality, tailored guest service to celebrate International Women’s Day. 

Since the theme this year was #EachforEqual, we asked some of the Portico women about what equality means to them and here’s what they said…


Inspired by…

The power of content design 

During this month’s Digital stand up, Amy shared her expertise on content design. 

Content design is a mixture of content writing, UX (user experience) and accessibility that aims to provide what the audience needs in the simplest way possible.

This means that good content design doesn’t just involve copywriting – it can mean creating graphics, videos, polls, interactive reports or anything that helps the user find out what they need to know. To figure out what the audience needs to know, you first need to do some research. This can involve using tools such as Google Analytics or Search Console for insights into what keywords and vocabulary potential customers are using and what your competitors are ranking for.

Another important thing to remember is to not make your audience work too hard to find the answer they need. Don’t use jargon they won’t understand, break up texts into small chunks and bullet points and make each page visually interesting. Still not sure what good content design looks like? Don’t worry we’ll be publishing a blog post about it very soon.


National Gallery of Victoria Melbourne, Australia

As many countries are put on lockdown, some good things have emerged from the current situation. The restrictions have meant that businesses have had to work together to adapt and become more creative in the way they communicate their services.

In light of the coronavirus crisis, several galleries and museums across the globe are making their current programs available to view online. One of the recent institutions to jump on the digital initiative is the National Gallery of Victoria Melbourne, Australia. The museum announced this weekend that it has launched a virtual tour of its landmark exhibition. Take a look here.


3D Visualization – Retro Petrol Station

Sam, one of our designers, has been experimenting with 3D modeling and using the program Blender. This month he’s been working on a Retro Petrol Station. Keep your eyes peeled on the scrapbook as he shares one of his new creations with us each month.

‘I’ve started out working on some low poly work (which basically means using as few faces as possible on the 3D models). This is a good introduction to 3D and gives you the core skills of understanding good typology and edge flow. It also allowed me to play with lighting and composition to achieve a retro 80s aesthetic. Since creating this piece I have made a few more low poly artworks and have also moved onto some more realistic pieces, which we will share in the future!’


Let’s go Go Karting

At the beginning of the month, the team took some time out to drive round in circles at 40MPH at Bristol Go Karting centre for a bit of healthy competition on their 800m track. We all had a great time, and of course, we let the boss win!

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