Studio Scrapbook: August

It may be Upfest’s fallow year, but the Fanatic team on North Street haven’t been short of creativity this month. It’s been bustling here, and we’re excited to share what’s been happening in and around the Fanatic studio.

We’ll showcase the topical creativity of Eleanor’s work experience project and present the design team’s aesthetically pleasing web design for Levy UK. Also, we’ll feature our Digital team’s exciting and eco-friendly marketing campaign for LAPP, alongside introducing Michael our new Digital Marketing Executive. 

Let’s dive straight in! 


Studio News


The LAPP KeepCup

The Lapp Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cabling solutions. Our Digital and Design team collaborated with LAPP to produce some fantastic work for their upcoming direct marketing campaign.

The strategy involved sending out LAPP branded notebooks (A5 Moleskine style) to prospective clients. A slip card inside included a message to encourage recipients to sign up to the mailing list to receive a gift – an eco-friendly and reusable coffee cup by KeepCup.

With the eye-catching visuals, it aims to invoke interest from ideal prospects, providing a message that there are more surprises to be expected when they sign up to LAPP’s mailing list.

Check out the project below.


marketing campaign keepcup


Levy UK: Website Design 

Levy UK is the sports, leisure and hospitality sector of Compass Group UK, with over 70 of the top venues across the country. From Twickenham, Chelsea and Wimbledon, to racecourses and arenas. The design team here at Fanatic refreshed the Levy UK brand identity in both 2014 and 2016.

After the success of our client relationship with them, they recently appointed us to design a completely new, inviting and responsive website to complement their brand identity. Collaborating closely with Levy, we incorporated the brand’s bright colour palette with contrasting black backgrounds, this allowed us to showcase Levy’s exciting imagery to define the brand’s image and offerings. Check out the live website here.


Website Design Bristol Graphic Design

Work Experience at Fanatic 

In last month’s studio scrapbook, we showcased the fantastic creativity of Grace from Backwell Secondary School during her work experience at Fanatic. This month, we’re here to introduce Eleanor, a Year 10 from Chew Valley Secondary, who also spent a week in the Fanatic studio for her work experience placement. 

El’s creativity shone through straight away, arriving with an imaginative and current concept for a brief that she wanted to complete. The focus of the brief was to design a children’s book with an educational objective to portray the impact of plastic pollution in the sea. The brief concept developed. Further, El chose to illustrate the close relationships that exist between a variety of life in the sea and recognising how they are affected by plastic waste. 

Working under Sam’s (one of our talented Graphic Designers) wing, he was quick to notice that she adapted to using the design and illustration software that she hadn’t used before. The result was fantastic, we were all impressed as she delivered the presentation of her work.


Sea Plastic Pollution



What’s inspired us this month



The view from our window

We’re not short of creativity and inspiration with our studio being based on North Street. There’s no Upfest this year, but the walls are still changing as part of their Summer Editions project. Luckily for us, the Tobacco Factory is the heart of North Street, so we don’t miss out on any new street art sightings!

The view from our window this month exhibits a brand new piece by Dale Grimshaw, it’s an emotionally charged and colourful portrait that highlights the plight of Papua New Guinea. Check out Dale’s work here.



Out & About


The Welsh Three Peaks 

Ryan (our Senior Graphic Designer), and six of his friends will be ascending an incredible 7657ft in a total of 24 hours. Impressive, right? Their drive and focus stem from witnessing the strength and bravery of their good friend’s mother, who sadly died of Pancreatic cancer in January 2018.

Read more about their Welsh Three Peaks challenge and how you can support them here.



The Digital Marketing Team Expands

Our Digital clients at Fanatic are growing by the month, and therefore the team is too. Last month we welcomed a new member to the team – Michael.

How have you found life at Fanatic so far?

Within the first month, I’ve noted myself as a dedicated team player at Rounders by diving into a stinging nettle bush (hopelessly attempting to catch the ball). I’ve also had four pints of beer accidentally poured over me on the same day.

Apart from that, I’m finding the workplace culture here at Fanatic really dynamic – it’s an inspiring environment to work in that’s friendly, collaborative and drives creativity. I’m really looking forward to tackling challenges ahead, without playing Rounders again.

What were you doing before Fanatic and what made you get into digital marketing? 

Before starting in digital marketing, I studied graphic design for visual communication. I gained an in-depth understanding of how to use a creative yet systematic plan to solve problems or achieve specific objectives. It developed into a transferable skill that I could apply to a variety of communication-related disciplines, thus establishing my compelling interest in digital marketing.

What made you choose Fanatic?

Fanatic’s exciting growth and their core values, not only as a brand but also as an employer. I knew it would be the perfect place to develop myself personally and professionally, as well as being able to contribute to their success.

What have you enjoyed most so far?

I’ve enjoyed learning about our digital clients, understanding their individual differences, and how I can adapt my creative approach for the content I am producing for them. Each day is different here at Fanatic, and that’s something I’m really enjoying. Not forgetting the free fruit!

What are you looking forward to learning more about? 

There’s always something new and exciting to learn each day in digital. I’m looking forward to discovering, developing and delivering new SEO techniques – incorporating this new and current knowledge into content creation for strategic and measurable digital marketing.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

According to my DNA, I’m 48% Bristolian, 41% Sicilian, 4% French, 2% Greek, 2% Swedish, 2% Norwegian and 1% Spanish. A proper European!