Studio Scrapbook: May

Want to know what Team Fanatic has been working on in the studio this April? Here’s our monthly round-up…

Even though we’re working remotely and Fanatic HQ is temporarily based in Ian and Milly’s kid’s wendy house, we’re all still smashing out great pieces of work. And this month we’ve got some exciting projects to share with you…

Studio News

Throughout April we’ve been working with Foodbuy to design a vibrant new website, creating content for Stress Awareness Month and producing a COVID-19 infographic the European Round Table of industrialists (ERT), as well as refining our own site.


Design work

The Venue Collection Christmas Collateral

Christmas Collateral

If you received one of our Christmas cards last year, you’ll know that here in the office we’re Fanatic about Christmas. 

It might only just be the beginning of May, but we’ve been creating some festive marketing for The Venue Collection to promote their Christmas and New Years’ events packages.

We designed contemporary and colourful illustrations that capture the spirit of the season in a fun and playful way – whilst retaining the strong feel and overall tone of the brand.


Development Work

Rebrand of Foodbuy Website NOW LIVE

One of our Compass clients, Foodbuy, has recently undergone a rebrand to match its US partner brand. We’ve worked closely with Foodsmiths, who designed the brand, to reskin the website with a punchy and vibrant feel that captures the spirit of their new creative direction. The website is a four year old Umbraco website (maintained by us) which still uses up-to-date code and will last for many years to come. This enables us to reskin the website, without starting from scratch, giving great value to our client.


Design Work

European Round Table of industrialists (ERT) COVID-19 Infographic

COVID-19 Infographic

During this tricky time, many of ERTs members have come out in force to help support the fight against COVID 19 in any way they can. This includes donations, support with manufacturing and other key services. 

We were asked to create an infographic that shows off the amazing work the members are doing in an easily accessible and clean design.


Digital Marketing

Stress Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Month

During Stress Awareness Month, the content team worked closely with some of our clients on a series of blogs to help readers cope with stress. 

According to the Mental health Foundation 74% of UK adults have felt so stressed at some point over the last year they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope. With stress affecting so many people, and in light of this challenging and unprecedented time, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to support people who may be struggling to adapt to the new way of working. From energy and mood-boosting food and self-care,  to effective virtual meeting management and working from home, we hope that there’ll be some tips and advice that everyone will find useful over the next few months.

Take a look at one of the articles on effectively keeping your team connected when working from home here. 



Inspired by…

Troy Lee Designs

Troy Lee

‘You only get one lap around the track, and for that, life is about what inspires passion, emotion, and pleasure in a person.’ – Troy Lee

At Fanatic we’re driven by craft and creative vision and when we see other brands who endeavor to constantly innovate and create in the same way we get really excited.

Troy Lee is a talented artist who started applying his designs to airplanes, mailboxes and helmets, creating his company Troy Lee Designs in 1981. The company has since diversified into clothing and signage which shows the flexibility of a strong skill set driven by passion. 

What began as Lee’s hobby has now grown to become recognised as the premier custom helmet paint shop in the world. After 40 years of racing, riding and designing TLD now offer a full range of Moto and Bike equipment, clothing and accessories for riders of all types.


3D Visualization

3D VisualizationAs promised in our April Scrapbook here’s some more of the amazing 3D work that Sam, from our Design team, has been working on. 

This piece is based on a drawing he did for last year’s Inktober. It focuses heavily on lighting and reflections and adding texture to the brass sections. 

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