5 Social Media myths we’re busting in 2018


There are several myths flying around about Social Media and certain aspects of what you should and shouldn’t be doing as a company. We take a look at these myths and bust them, ghostbuster style.
1. You have to spend a certain amount of time per day on Social Media

Social Media can be a great outreach tool for any business and is a key part to people’s lives these days. Having said that, there is no set amount of time you should be spending on it. You should simply give enough time to interact with people and promote your products or services.

2. You should be on EVERY social media site possible

This one is a common mistake among many different businesses and people. You should target places where your business has the audience to thrive. If LinkedIn isn’t needed for your business, you shouldn’t use it. If you don’t feel Twitter has enough of your audience, don’t use it. This is different for every business of course.

3. I shouldn’t reply to negative feedback

Everybody loves hearing positive feedback, but with the positive always comes the negative. You should always try to understand and solve the problems your customers are facing. People value time and effort.


4. 50,000 followers? Great! This time next year, we’ll be millionaires…

As is with Del Boy, although I praise the enthusiasm, this isn’t quite how it works! A common myth is that more followers = greater success which isn’t true. I’d much rather have 10,000 followers that all engage with me, than 50,000 who don’t do anything. Engagement = leads. We can work with leads!

5. People want professional all the time

This isn’t always true. People love brand’s personality. They want something different. We’re in a digital revolution where many people are fighting for cyber-space. Be different, embrace your roots and you’ll be onto a winner! Give the people what they want as they say!

Wrapping Up

Social Media is an incredibly important tool to use and it should be no means, be written off. Social Media can be the clincher for someone buying your product or service if used properly. The best information you could possibly take is this question… “What’s in it for me.”