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It was recently decided that Thomas was getting a bit too big for his boots, so we arranged a Fanatic team go karting trip to take him down a peg or two. Unfortunately for us all, he completely trounced us and was crowned the well-deserved winner of the day. He’s now sleeping with the trophy under his pillow.

In other news, we welcomed our new developer Jack to the team, and he’s already getting stuck into some key projects. Look out for his Fanatic Q&A in the next Scrapbook!

What's new in the
Design team?

Annie has been leading the branding of a local waterpark

We have recently been working with West Country Waterpark to develop their branding and design them a new website, as well as all the collateral needed throughout the park ahead of their reopening this year. We developed playful but simple branding that would appeal to the wide audience of people that will use the Waterpark.

As part of the branding project, we created a distinctive and bold character called Oke that is used as a mascot of the park. He can be seen throughout the website, signage and social media and adds a unique and playful aspect to their branding and makes the experience people will have at the park even more memorable.

See what the Development
team have been up to

Phil has been busy evolving our Website Health Check process

It’s very easy to think of a website as something to simply be designed, built and deployed to a domain: never to be worried about it again. Sadly, this is not the case. If a site is not properly maintained and updated, it becomes increasingly vulnerable to malicious hackers. Any site which is built on a popular CMS such as WordPress or Umbraco, is being constantly tested by hackers across the world who are in search of any openings or vulnerabilities. Once one of these vulnerabilities are discovered, every site using the CMS becomes an easy target.

Fortunately, the folks at WordPress and Umbraco are, in turn, regularly patching these vulnerabilities and closing any openings whenever they are reported. However, this means that a site’s CMS needs to be updated by whoever maintains it so that it can take advantage of these security patches. This is one of the main goals of our Health Checks, as we make sure that all our sites are using the very latest version of the CMS. Furthermore, the Health Checks ensure that our sites’ SSL certificates are fully up to date and the pages are all in line with the recent GDPR compliance laws.

Craig has been working on our clients’ cookie implementation

We’ve improved the cookie policy implementation across all the sites we work on by having all pages on the sites automatically scanned. The site then identifies what cookies are in place and actively blocks them until a user accepts. The privacy policies are then kept as accurate as possible, as they’re updated according to the cookies detected and descriptions of what they’re used for.

The latest from the
Digital Marketing team

Stathis has launched several Google Search and Shopping campaigns for our new client, Artfarm

Artfarm is an independent hospitality and development company. We took over the paid search for three Artfarm ventures: Roth Bar & Grill, Durslade Farmhouse and Durslade Farm Shop.

We knew from the start that we had to be creative when creating the PPC strategy for each of the three businesses. Competition in hospitality and e-commerce is extraordinarily high, and budgets have to be justified with solid revenue returns. After two weeks of thorough market, competitor, and keyword research, we built several Search and Shopping campaigns designed to target prospective customers in the top and middle of the funnel. As always, we will keep adjusting and fine-tuning Artfarms’ campaigns to ensure that they will continue building brand awareness and driving conversions.

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Amy visited Berlin for the weekend and saw the Sound of Peace protest in support of Ukraine

Amy, Content Lead<

Amy, Content Lead

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36 Days of Type

Carrying on the tradition of the last few years, our Design team has been taking part in 36 Days of Type, a challenge that involves creating unique designs to depict each letter and number of the Latin alphabet.

As always, we’ve been so impressed by all the entries we’ve seen, but especially those of our three designers; Sam, Thomas and Annie. They’ve created 3D renders, animations, hand and digital illustrations to present a range of stunning and striking results. Take a look at our Instagram below to see all the designs.

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