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We’ve just about got over the disappointment (for many reasons) of last month’s Euro 2020 final. It had been an incredible tournament up to that point, and we’d enjoyed the extra layer of excitement that the Fanatic team sweepstake brought with it.

Congratulations to Rob who brought home the (cash) trophy! World Cup 2022, anyone?

What's new in the
Design team?

Thomas has been helping AIVR create a new brand logo

AIVR (Automated Intelligent Video Review) is a highly innovative Bristol-based company that has created a video software for trains that allows them to capture critical data whilst on the move.

We worked with the team over at One Big Circle on the AIVR brand development, which was a really rewarding experience. After being blown away by the product demos we got right to work putting together ideas on how to best represent the company and their product.

It was great to work on a project that rewards getting really into the weeds in the typography. The earlier concepts were pretty out there in terms of the typographic style and after refining the chosen route we ended up drawing each letter by hand to ensure everything fit together perfectly, combining readability with some lovely geometric flourishes.

See what the Development
team have been up to

An app we built has been nominated for an industry award!

We recently designed and built an app for our client ESS, who specialise in support services for defence, government and offshore sectors. The app has now been nominated for Best Use of Technology at the 2021 Foodservice Cateys, a prestigious industry award.

The app allows customers to find their nearest ESS food service location, and order meals in advance. Users can also view nutritional and allergy information for each dish. The chefs and mess team for each location also have their own dashboard within the app, where they can see how many and what type of bookings they’ve got coming up.

Marcello has been working on a new calendar functionality for Effect Doctors

With Effect Doctors now offering covid testing alongside their IV drips and facial aesthetics products, the booking tool on their site needed an upgrade to take a number of different options into account. Our newest developer Marcello built the whole booking system from scratch to ensure it had all the elements we needed, such as changing the price of at-home appointments depending on which zone of London the customer lives in.

The latest from the
Digital Marketing team

Amy has been carrying out a content re-optimisation project for a couple of our clients

Within the Fanatic DM team, two of our key principles are that content should always be useful and relevant, and that it should serve a purpose. That’s why when we recently completed two long-term projects for The Collection Events and 30 Euston Square, our immediate thought wasn’t “what new content can we create?”

Amy decided to look back at some old news articles for these clients, and see if any of them could be refreshed to become a more helpful resource. This meant we could prioritise quality (improving existing articles) over quantity (creating new ones).

To determine which articles to re-optimise, we looked on Google Analytics and Search Console to identify ones which are currently on pages 2 or 3 of Google and could be bumped up the rankings, or pens which are ranking well but have a high bounce rate.

We then did some keyword research to identify new opportunities, changed any out-of-date information and rewrote parts of the articles that we felt could do with a refresh in tone or style. Now we just have to track their performance over the next few months to see if the re-optimisation project is a success! You can read the articles here and here.

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Barny Fletcher - Blu Skyes

Thomas, Designer<

Thomas, Designer

What’s inspired us this month?

Although we’ve not been able to be in the office as much as we’d like recently, we have been enjoying seeing the new street art crop up around the Tobacco Factory. The annual Upfest festival is unable to go ahead this year, but that hasn’t stopped artists from Bristol and beyond from creating incredible designs in the area.

Our favourite has to be the giant mural on the Tobacco Factory itself, created by Greek artist Insane 51.

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