Studio Scrapbook: August

Between Upfest and the Balloon Fiesta, August is a special time to be in South Bristol. And just like North Street, the Fanatic studio has been having some fun and a bit of a makeover (more on that in future scrapbooks!). That doesn’t mean it’s any less busy around here though, with August bringing new website launches and new team members. Let’s dive right in.



FeedStock: This month we were proud to launch FeedStock’s new website. Their seamless, progressive system inspired us to create a sleek, modern website, perfect for showing off this complicated technology. We love Sam’s simplified design and think it offers users an easy path to understanding both the sell-side and buy-side of FeedStock. You can check out more of the design in our portfolio piece here.


Vanguard: Over the last couple of months we’ve been working with Vanguard on their ‘the Advantage of Advice’ campaign. We can’t say much about the project right now, but we’ll have some really exciting updates in upcoming Scrapbook blogs. While you wait, check out this creative animated indent our designer Tom has been working on concepts for.





Fyahfly Video: Incase you haven’t been able to tell reading out last few blogs, we love the new Fanatic t-shirt. Bristol based printers Fyahfly helped bring the design to life. They provided us with and edited some amazing footage of the process from start to finish, so we thought we’d put together this little video to show off the fantastic job they did. We loved getting some insight into each step of the printing process and think it looks like great fun. A couple of us in the Fanatic studio are a bit jealous we can’t have a go! A big thanks to Fyahfly for their hard work on the video and t-shirts!

You can check out the full video Tom put together below, or read more about our new t-shirts here.

Welcome Agnese: This month we welcome a new member to our digital marketing team, as Agnese joins as our new Head of SEO. Agnese brings years of experience in SEO to the team and has already started making big contributions to projects. If you want to get in touch with our digital marketing team for more information on what they can do for you click here.