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Team lunch and the festivities begin

This month we’re looking forward to beginning some festivities and the usual December studio socialising. The Design team have been working on a festive Instragram campaign, which you can see at the bottom of this page. The development team have overseen the completion of an ever increasing number of websites again this month, including Bayley & Sage, DAZN and another handful of Aqua Group Restaurant sites.

Team update news

Having recently welcomed Hattie into the Digital Marketing team, it was time to say a sad goodbye to Amy, who has moved to an exciting new role in house in the Bristol Zoo Gardens marketing team. We had a team lunch to say farewell, having been a part of the growing Fanatic team for nearly three years, she will be missed and welcome back anytime! Further exciting news to follow as this month we are also welcoming another new member to the Digital team, Sean, so we look forward to introducing him in next month’s scrapbook.

What's new in the
Design team?

Bristol BID Bus

Our Design team have been creating this new Night Out Gift Card for Bristol City Centre BID, Redcliffe & Temple BID and Broadmead BID to design the Night Out Gift Card and the campaign collateral, which feature more of Annie’s fantastic Illustration.

This follows on from the Love Bristol Gift Card that we created back in June for Bristol BID, and they asked us to create this new gift card. We incorporated a nightlife scene in Bristol that nods to the original gift card design but also including new elements.


We took the same illustrative approach also to the Bus Back campaign, which is also supported by a wide social media awareness push, and retail card holders.

Bayley & Sage Chocolate Photoshoot

We love photographing food, and create impactful shots for a number of F&B clients. We recently created some powerful shots for the Bayley & Sage own label chocolate range. This must be the ‘hardest to resist’ subject for a photoshoot, but we used a black backdrop to bring out the depth of flavour, as well as to highlight the fantastic colours of the chocolates. 

We have the brand keyword of ‘abundance’ that we use when creating photography for Bayley & Sage, so we aim to show a plentiful amount of produce, yet also use a clean and minimalist style. Here we have gained height in the composition by stacking the product, also taking advantage of the beautiful packaging.

The product speaks for itself in this photography shoot, but with all the lights we do always have to make sure we shoot before it A) melts, and B) gets eaten!

See what the Development
team have been up to

New website for Bayley & Sage

The world of eCommerce is new to the Bayley & Sage brand, who have a long-established chain of prestigious physical shops in South West London.

Bayley & Sage have since 1997 delivered on a vision to create fresh food stores with the most delicious produce for their local communities, and their stores now stretch from Wimbledon where it started to 12 stores including Marylebone and Belgravia.

The brand is a by-word for quality produce, with great brand awareness within London.

It is a privilege for us to work together to take the Bayley & Sage brand online, and expand the range into eCommerce, with the concept to supply of ‘something special either for a special occasion or perhaps for every day, to a wider audience within London, and beyond.

New Website for Bayley & Sage

The new website is a WordPress, WooCommerce stack, which while it gives a wide range of the required functionality out of the box, also allows us to create the highly customised functionality that is required. 

For example the site also features a Christmas food delivery system, where local high street customers can order a Christmas delivery of all their trusted delicacies, Christmas birds or joints, cheese, wine and chocolate and much more, in one ‘quick list’ ordering UX.

The wider eCommerce site focusses on select ranges of food boxes/hampers, from special Marcus Waring treat boxes to carefully chosen delicacy selections perfect for gifts and special occasions. 

The plan is for the website to expand in its product range, with more selection boxes of quality everyday lines that store customers in London have been enjoying for many years becoming available now outside of London for the first time. 

The site has now gone live, also featuring photography produced and art directed in house at Fanatic, with the support of the fantastic photographer, Aaron Geis. 

The latest from the
Digital Marketing team

Durslade farm shop Christmas campaign


We have been working on a great Paid Social campaign this Christmas. Some of these products include Christmas hampers, Christmas gift boxes and festive boxes filled with a selection of cheeses, meats and handmade gifts. All are sourced locally and from the Durslade farm itself.


The social campaign, set to run until the 23rd of December, is being used to increase sales and exposure for the Christmas products sold at the farm shop and brand awareness and publicity for the Farm shop’s e-commerce website.


Since launching the campaign, we have seen some fantastic results. In just three weeks, Impressions have reached a staggering 91,724, the ads have received 1,938 clicks, and the CTR is three times higher than the average CTR of Facebook and Instagram ads.

We've been visiting

One of our Developers, Phil, went this month on an interesting trip to Jerusalem...

Philip, .Net Programmer <

Philip, .Net Programmer

Phil has an inquisitive mind by nature, and always picks interesting places to go to. Despite our worry that this could be a dangerous place to travel to, and a last minute passport panic, Phil visited cultural icons such as the Palace of King Solomon, and came back safely with a very interesting set of photos, including worshipers approaching the ‘wailing wall’!

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