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Since starting our hybrid working pattern again, we’ve had some exciting deliveries to the Fanatic Studio. The first was a bunch of branded umbrellas that we designed for our friends at Redcliffe & Temple BID for the launch of their new site that we’ve designed and built.

The second delivery was boxes and boxes from Lyme Bay Winery containing wine, rum, mead, liqueurs and more for their new product photoshoot. Our team spent a day in the Tobacco Factory loft getting a set of beautiful photographs that will be going up on their website. Of course, we had to open a few bottles to make sure the products were at their best…

What's new in the
Design team?

Sam has been leading the design on a project in our native Bristol

We have recently been working with Redcliffe & Temple BID (Business Improvement District) to design and build them a new website. We’ve created a site that both presents their brand in the best light and gives them the flexibility to add, amend and produce website content quickly and easily.

We worked closely with the team at Redcliffe & Temple BID to ensure the website was both stylish and functional, improving user interactions and delivering a variety of ever-changing content. We’re really pleased with the outcome and are looking forward to working with the Redcliffe & Temple BID team in the future!

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team have been up to

Ben has been leading the build for Bristol BID

It’s been great fun working on the Redcliffe & Temple BID project. I had a beautiful design to work with and it was awesome to see it come to life. One of the more unique elements of the website is the sidebar which displays unique branding imagery, which scrolls at a different speed to the main content of the page.

We incorporated a lot of dynamic, flexible content rows on the website, with a mixture of text, static and revolving images, calls to action, newsreels and forms. This not only makes adding content very easy, but it allows for customisable pages that feel full of energy.

The latest from the
Digital Marketing team

Our team has been working closely with Compass Group UK&I over the past couple of months to create two films for their internal Diversity & Inclusion initiatives. After some brainstorming about style, message and content, we worked with the Diversity team at Compass to create two scripts and accompanying storyboards that were impactful and subverted expectations.

We then cast a group of talented actors to come to the Tobacco Factory for filming. It was so exciting seeing the scripts brought to life and we were so impressed with their performances. We’ve now passed over the films to the Design team for editing and post-production. We can’t wait to see the finished products!

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Our Digital Marketing Exec Stathis saw in the New Year in Kenya!

Stathis, Digital Marketing Executive<

Stathis, Digital Marketing Executive

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Introducing our new monthly Digital Marketing News & Updates blog

Google has started rolling out a new search algorithm update named the Products Reviews Update.

Users trust reviews with evidence of products actually being tested, so this new update is designed to better reward product reviews that share original, in-depth research and insightful analysis (especially if the reviews are written by experts or individuals who know the topic well), rather than thin content that simply summarises the product’s features.

For more like this, keep an eye out for our monthly Digital Marketing News & Updates blogs!

Stathis, Digital Marketing Executive

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