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It’s that time of the year again… waiting to see who will be the winner of this year’s Fanatic T-Shirt Competition. Well, we can now reveal that the winner is…  Annie!

The latest addition to our design team won the majority of the votes with her illustration, which perfectly encapsulates the theme of ‘Adventure’. We’ll be sporting these in the Fanatic Studio soon…

What's new in the
Design team?

Recently we have been approached by the City of Bristol College to set a brief for one of their class of design students.

We were very interested in working with the college and getting a chance to share some of our industry knowledge with the students. We set them a brief based on a project we worked on a year or so ago, Claude and Clarence, a pet food company that delivers healthy food for pets. The students were tasked with creating a brand based on a defined market/strategy and then applying this branding across various activations. We worked with the students halfway through the project to review what they have done and give some pointers on how to progress their ideas.

After this, they then came to the studio to present their final outcomes in front of a handful of the team at Fanatic. All of the students did a fantastic job and really took on the feedback we gave. What was amazing to see was that all of the approaches were different and unique, each with its own style and character. We’ve loved the experience and are looking forward to working with the college in future!

See what the Development
team have been up to

We have recently launched a park management and a customer booking system for our client West Country Water Park.

The park management system allows West Country Water Park to centrally manage participants, activities and sessions, such as setting date and times of when sessions are available to book and defining capacity levels to ensure that activities are not overbooked.

The booking system allows customers to search for date & time slots and book sessions for any of the activities offered at the park. It caters for both novice and experienced users of the park, allowing them to bring their own equipment or hire equipment for their session.

The latest from the
Digital Marketing team

We’ve been working with Amalgamated Metal Trading, a metal derivatives broker and dealer, to create a new brand identity for their business.

The first step was to travel to AMT’s London office to carry out a brand workshop with them. We’re constantly refining and improving our workshop structure, so we had a few new exercises to try out, including asking ‘If a famous brand took over AMT, what changes would they make?’. The exercises helped to bring out some really useful ideas that started to form the brand positioning.

Back at the Fanatic studio, we then started to pull out common threads from the workshop and weave them into a brand identity. AMT were keen to progress people’s understanding of them and highlight their personal connection with their clients, their heritage and their forward thinking. We then came up with some copy examples to show how AMT’s tone and voice would sound in written communications. The Design team will now take over the project to establish the brand’s visual identity!

We've been graduating!

Congratulations to our designer Annie, who finally got to attend her graduation ceremony last month for her degree in Illustration!

Annie, Graphic Designer<

Annie, Graphic Designer

We've been inspired by


After a 2-year hiatus, one of Bristol’s best-loved festivals came back better than ever. Upfest is a free street art festival that brings together hundreds of artists to create paintings and murals in the streets around our very own Tobacco Factory. The quality of the art this year was incredible, and the team were feeling very inspired on their journeys into work!

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