Studio Scrapbook: March

Want to know what Team Fanatic has been working on in the studio this month? Here’s our monthly round-up…

Studio News

Throughout February we’ve been rebranding a guest services business (which we’ll be able to show you soon), we’ve been running a brand workshop for a client in Dublin and designing logos for a new sustainable focussed e-commerce site, as well as working on many other projects.

Changes to Cookie Laws

Did you know… It is now illegal to load any cookie that’s not strictly needed for the basic running of your site, without the user’s opt-in permission? It’s why we all now see the question popping up more obviously on many websites. It means Google Analytics is now not allowed, without opt-in.

So due to these recent changes, we’ve been working closely with some of our clients, to make sure their sites are compliant in this. We’re planning to release a fully managed plugin next month created by James and Tom, our experts in our digital and development teams. If you want to know if your website is cookies compliant, you can either give us a call or wait for next month’s blog, where we’ll be going into more detail about our new plugin. 


NEW Design work 

Effect Doctors – Ecommerce Website

We’ve been working on a fresh new look for Effect Doctors, a clinical beauty business founded by Doctors. They provide a range of IV drips packed with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, that target issues including weight loss, general burnout, jet-lag and recovery from flu or life’s excesses. 

We were tasked with designing and building a brand new eCommerce site, which has a multi-variant capability, meaning multiple new clinic sites within the group can be rolled out quickly as fully capable eCommerce units. 

We have given their brand and website a face-lift, cementing their position as a specialist medical, yet premium beauty clinic brand. 


Winchester Cathedral – Events Website

We’ve been working with Winchester Cathedral to create a website that will showcase their unique and versatile venues. 

We’ve mixed modern with some more traditional styles to reflect the range of spaces they have and used large images to snapshot everything Winchester Cathedral has to offer. From Weddings to Corporate events, we’ve created a website that acts as a portfolio for this stunning venue and its exceptional services. 


Lime Food Report 

To reinforce that LVP is part of the global caterer Compass Group and their proposition as ‘The UK’s largest collection of diverse venues connected by great tasting food and memorable experiences’, they’ve produced a Conference & Events specific food report that will be published in sections throughout the year. This report replaces the Unique & Unusual report that has been produced by LVP, Eight PR, and Fanatic for the last two years. 

The report includes far-ranging research and exploration pieces, split over six sections; all dealing with the crucial place food takes within the events industry.

We worked with Lime to create the look and feel for the suite of six PDFs. We worked together to ensure that they all have their own personality, but it’s still easy to tell that they’re part of the same report. We created a consistent, clean and crisp design so the information is easy to digest. This month the Food & Mental Health report went live. Take a look here. 


Concierge Appreciation Day at Portico

Our content team helped Portico – a specialist provider of high quality, tailored guest service to celebrate Concierge Appreciation Day. They had the pleasure of interviewing some of their team members for their news page. 

Kerstin (Concierge Host) and Thomas (Head Concierge) two of their key concierge are based at Gasholders London, a luxury residential site at the heart of King’s Cross. We took a closer look at what helps make their guests’ experiences so exceptional and spoke to them about their roles, the ins and outs of concierge life, and how they like to relax on their day off. 

Read the interviews here.



Inspired by…

Designer Sam has been inspired by and experimenting with Adobe Dimension, a 3D program aimed at creating high-quality mockups and product shots. Here are some examples of the experiments Sam has created. 


Keyword Research

Content is king, context is god…

During this month’s Digital stand up Joe shared his expertise on how keywords, search intent, and strategy can inform killer content ideas. He reminded us about the importance of conducting focused keyword research to ensure you have the right searcher context – the conditions under which people are searching – navigational, transactional, informational or supporting a commercial investigation.

He also shared his famous keyword mantra reminding us that… Not every word is a keyword and not every keyword is a word. 

Keen to find out more? Keep an eye out for his Understanding Keywords In Searcher Context blog next month or feel free to call us to chat about this.


Out and about 

Our branding team spent the day in Dublin’s. North Wall Quay with a new client, delivering a branding workshop. The workshop will inform their new content and editorial guidelines. 

The day uncovered lots of exciting ways we can define their personality and the creative layers that will help refresh and establish a clear position for their brand story.


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