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It seems like only weeks ago we were celebrating Fanatic’s 20th anniversary, but the end of February marked 21 years from when our company was created! As usual, there will be cake and bubbly to celebrate, as well as a well deserved team breakfast.

In other news, we recently became members of Bristol Creative Industries, a network that supports Bristol’s creative sector to learn, grow, and connect. Take a look at our profile for work showcases, company news and more!

What's new in the
Design team?

We recently directed two photoshoots for our client, Lyme Bay Winery, which comprised one day of shooting the product pack photos and another of shooting more stylised editorial photos. This was a really exciting project which brought together the creative minds within the team to figure out how to best show off these products, and how we can use them on the website to drive sales.

We used 3D software to help compose the shots and to brief the photographer Aaron ahead of the day of shooting, so that we could hit the ground running on the day. These 3D renders were really helpful for generating a shot list which showed layout, setting and lighting. This also helped us communicate with the client what we would be shooting before the day.

See what the Development
team have been up to

We have recently gone live with a brand new workplace networking app, created for the veterinary industry.

The platform, called the Meraki Initiative, allows vets, vet nurses and students working towards these careers to connect with practices based on workplace cultures, allowing individuals to find out about the ownership of a practice, their working styles, specialisms and who else works there. Individuals can follow practices, read their blogs, watch videos and gain a deep insight into the practice including accreditations and professional experience, then when the time is right they can view active roles they are looking to fill, and can apply directly.

The industry professionals and students will also build a profile, allowing the practices they follow to understand their background experience, skills and qualifications. The Meraki Initiative is all about enabling the industry professionals to know where they would like to work geographically as much as culturally, and to make the connection with potential future employers.

The latest from the
Digital Marketing team

In line with the redesign of their website, we’ve been helping our client Effect Doctors to plan and strategise a new social media marketing approach. With help from our Design team who’ve created a range of assets to match the clean, nature-inspired aesthetic of the redesign, we’ve put together a social plan to increase brand awareness and drive users towards the service offerings.

The organic posts are organised around the three core messages of Effect Doctors; Human, Science and Nature, and strike a balance between general health and beauty advice, behind the scenes content and deep dives into individual product ingredients and their benefits. We have also set up a paid social campaign to highlight their key offering: IV drips. With video and animation content on the plan for the future, we’re excited to take this project even further!

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Milly and Ian went to see the Back To The Future musical in London!

Milly & Ian<

Milly & Ian

What's inspired us this month?

Shock-factor Marketing

Our Digital Marketing team always share marketing campaigns with each other that have caught our attention and which we can take inspiration from for our own work. Over the past month we’ve been paying particular attention to campaigns that use a shock factor to get noticed, one of which was McDonald’s Thailand’s Valentine’s Day campaign. On first glance, it looks like quite a steamy moment between a couple, but on further inspection one of the pairs of lips is shown to be a burger!

Another campaign we’ve loved recently is Fashion Fish by Just One Ocean, which calls out the fashion industry’s biggest culprits when it comes to using microplastics within their products. With internet users used to scrolling past and ignoring adverts when online, these campaigns show that to get your brand noticed you need to cut through the noise and demand attention.

Alex, Head of Digital

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Craig spent a couple of well-deserved weeks in the Lake District!

Craig, Lead Developer<

Craig, Lead Developer

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