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This month we worked on various exciting projects, from PPC campaigns for a new restaurant for Artfarm to developing the Anthracite app for Options Desk, while also working on some projects for our new client, Digital Tonic!


Therfore, the team decided to take a well-deserved brunch break at the excellent Mud Dock Cafe! It was lovely to get out for a walk in the sunshine along the waterfront and have some downtime as a team! Find out more about what we got up to below!


What's new in the
Design team?

Digital Tonic

We have recently worked with Digital Tonic to refresh their brand and build them a new website, giving the brand a new fresh and vibrant approach with a professional edge.



The brand needed to resonate with creative individuals within the marketing sectors so we used a mixture of organic shapes, cool tones and punchy accents to achieve this. Coupled with the branding, we also conducted a photoshoot to capture some real life photography of the team at Digital Tonic, elevating the brand and giving it an authentic style and feel.


Alongside the branding, we also designed and built a new website for Digital Tonic, which utilised the core elements of the brand and added a bunch of new functionality. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for future projects.


See what the Development
team have been up to


We’ve been working with Options Desk to deliver an app that facilitates proof of identity and address, as well as running anti-money laundering and criminal checks on applicants wishing to open a trading account. The purpose of this app was to replace the existing manual system which took, on average, two weeks to process an applicant and open an account using multiple systems & processes. This app has reduced this cumbersome manual process to an average of just 20 minutes.


The app is a bespoke developed Laravel PHP web app, which integrates with multiple third-party verification API platforms with custom integrations. The app has a future road map of development planned and will evolve and grow as demands are placed on it by the business.


Speed Testing for Beaulieu

Phil and Mary have been working on optimising the performance of the Beaulieu website this month. After using Google PageSpeed Insights to run a website performance test, they identified that the home page was experiencing slow load times due to an excessive number of unused third-party JavaScript libraries.


To address this issue, they removed the Contact form and virtual tour from the home page. This change had a significant impact on the general performance score, as both features required large amounts of network activity. By taking these steps, they were able to improve the overall website performance and provide a better user experience.


The latest from the
Digital Marketing team

Manuela website

After a recent rebuild of the Manuela website for a Los Angeles-based restaurant, we have started driving PPC campaigns to increase bookings.


Manuela unites chefs, farmers and artists – through its connection with the Hauser & Wirth LA art gallery – to create an authentic and original dining experience under the direction of Executive Chef Kris Tominaga. We now provide digital marketing services for three of the group’s locations, including organic and paid channels.


We run campaigns primarily focused on increasing bookings for brunch/ lunch bookings while also focusing on building brand awareness. We also build organic Google rankings and traffic by optimising their on and off-page SEO. 


We love working with the team over at Artfarm and are excited to be working with Manuela LA.


We've been visiting...

Stathis’ recently went on an exciting skiing trip to Chamonix, taking valuable time out from his busy work life to carve up some killer lines on the slopes!

Stathis, Lead of Digital Marketing<

Stathis, Lead of Digital Marketing

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