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Fanatic’s 23rd Birthday Celebrations

In February, we celebrated Fanatic’s 23rd birthday by popping a bottle of bubbly and enjoying a homemade birthday cake.

What started as a two-person company has now grown to a team of over 15 people with a wide range of clients expanding globally, particularly within the UK, USA, Canada and Dubai.

Here’s to over two decades of helping clients grow their businesses and to our continuous growth from strength to strength!

What's new in the Design team?

New Publication Design for ERT

Recently, the Design team has continued to work with ERT to design a brand new publication for them. This publication was designed to outline ERT’s position and vision over the coming years. So, with that in mind, it was important that this document had a distinctive look and feel, and would stand out against the other publications we have done, while still being on brand.

The publication was put in front of many key figures across industry and policy in Europe and was received very positively.

Principal People’s Rebrand

Last year, we worked on a rebrand for Principal People, a recruitment agency which specialises in health and safety. The branding project was an engaging experience, which involved key team members from Principal People including a branding workshop.

The outcome covered both the visual language for the brand as well as the tone of voice. The style is clean, modern and reflects the industry which they work within. We produced a number of assets and visuals to support the brand including patterns, graphics and imagery treatment,

We are really pleased with the outcome of this project and are looking forward to working with Principal People in the future.

See what the Development team have been up to

Redis: The Real-Time Data Platform

Redis is a versatile and high-performance data store that plays a crucial role in optimising website performance and enhancing the efficiency of Laravel applications. In the context of optimising website performance, Redis can be configured to support the caching of pages and objects by acting as an in-memory data store, allowing rapid retrieval and storage of frequently accessed data. This minimises the need to repeatedly fetch data from the database or continually process incoming requests, which significantly improves response times and overall website speed.

Additionally, Redis is commonly used in Laravel apps for creating robust queues. It enables asynchronous process execution across different parts of the application, enabling tasks to be queued for execution in the background. This proves particularly beneficial for time-consuming processes, ensuring a smooth and responsive user experience while the application efficiently handles tasks such as sending emails, processing jobs, or managing background tasks.

The latest news from the Digital Marketing team

Stathis Attended the Privacy4Marketers Seminar

Stathis recently attended the Privacy4Marketers seminar organised by the Bristol Digital Analytics Meet-Up. It was an all-day event that delved into the implications of upcoming data privacy regulations for digital marketers. The seminar covered various topics, including the Digital Markets Act, Competition and Consumers Bill, Consent Mode V2, US privacy regulations, safeguarding your advertising revenue with a Google-certified CMP among others.

The 7-hour conference equipped Stathis with the right knowledge to optimise web analytics set up for privacy and efficiency. This is particularly useful since the deadline for users to update to the latest Google Consent Mode v2 is just around the corner (6th March)!

Advanced Schema Markup Implementation

Recently, Mary took the time to implement advanced schema markup on our client, Farmhouse’s website. Schema markups are structured data in the form of code, which allow search engines, such as Google, to characterise and categorise the content of the web pages. This is because, although search engines can be powerful tools, they lack the visual and intuitive capabilities that humans have.

Using specific schema types like ‘AggregateRating’ and ‘LodgingBusiness’, Mary has made strategic suggestions to search engines, aiming to boost Farmhouse’s online presence.

It’s important to realise that, while outcomes can’t be guaranteed, these efforts are essential in navigating the complexities of search engine optimisation.

Optimising Your Tech Stack for Comprehensive Business Success

Your tech stack has far-reaching implications beyond just the functionality used by your in-house team. Understanding how customer touch points and data are managed is crucial to driving revenue, loyalty and business insights, and the benefits can be seen in supporting all areas of your business, from accounting to customer services.

This is exactly why we have been investing so much time into helping some of our recent international clients optimise the structure of their tech stack and have supported them with scoping out new platforms and mapping out how they will fit in with existing tools they use. Moving away from siloed data helps share customer insights across teams, and the correct integrations between platforms mean live, synced data which reduces the need for manual data management.

As more and more tools come to market, each carving out a niche that may have previously never existed, optimising your tools to drive commercial success without stretching budgets is more important than ever before.

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Annie, Designer

Last month Annie spent a long weekend exploring Copenhagen in Denmark with her family, spending time exploring the design museums, the non-governed freetown Christiania and brewery hopping to shelter from the (literally) baltic temperature!