Studio Scrapbook: October

As September comes to an end and the first Christmas adverts dare to grace our screens, we have finally had to turn on the central heating! It’s been a busy month again for us here at Fanatic, with more new staff joining the team and our new office design finally unveiled.



Fanatic Studio Reel 2018: All of Fanatic’s creativity and insight in 1:42!

Our designer Tom has been hard at work developing the brand new Fanatic studio reel. After hours of tweaks and re-cuts, we’re ready to let the final version out into the world.

We couldn’t be prouder of the work everyone on the Fanatic team does. From England Rugby Hospitality to Heat Recruitment to Animal Fu, this new studio reel perfectly encapsulates the design, production, branding and digital marketing services we offer and have done for our clients. 2018 has been a brilliant year so far, and we can’t wait to see where the future takes Fanatic.

You can watch the new studio reel in full here:


Fanatic Studio Makeover and the Creative Machine

If you’re a frequent reader of our Studio Scrapbook blogs you will have seen hints about the makeover we’ve been giving the Fanatic studio. Well wait no longer! It’s been a passion project a long time in the making but the studio is looking brilliant with the creative machine design!

Ian has been working on the creative machine design for years, expanding the features as the business has grown. The design takes us through the Fanatic studio process, from the inception of an idea, through design and development, refined by feedback before being let out into the world with the help of digital marketing.

The whole studio got involved painting the office and applying the print. We think it really adds something to the studio and fits the Fanatic style perfectly.

Let us know your thoughts, and which bits stood out most!



The Fanatic team continues to grow as we welcome Joe, who has joined the Digital Marketing Team. Joe has a background in sports and travel marketing, having joined us from one of the country’s biggest sport tour companies. In his first week he has been bringing his skills up to speed by completing the Advanced Google Analytic course. He is a keen rugby player, and has recently returned from coaching in the Caribbean. Joe is also a fan of writing about himself in the third person in blogs…