Return to Mud Dock for a Summer brunch

This month, our team enjoyed a delicious brunch at Mud Dock. A time for the team to enjoy some good food and coffee while catching-up with each other on activities outside of work.

Fanatic Coffee Club

With all the team regularly drinking instant coffee, we took the time to review our coffee strategy and decided to improve our intake. With our new approach, we decided to create a coffee club where members of the team bring in whole beans from various local roasters for us to all try. Our club is moving fast, and now we are talking about coffee regions and roast types like it’s second nature. Not to mention, our team is now even more speciality focused.



What's new in the Design team?

Old City Sounds illustrated Map on behalf of Bristol BID

Last month, we worked with Bristol BID to design and illustrate a map for the Old City Sounds one-day music event taking place over the August bank holiday. The event is spread across four different zones, showcasing a variety of musical genres that are highlighted by each of the 3D buildings.

We wanted the map to be playful, so we took inspiration from old jazz posters, using wonky shapes and imperfect lines to create the roads and other graphic elements placed around the map, as well as an exaggerated 3D style for the buildings. The colours used are directly related to each genre of music that is being played at each venue and correlate with other promotional material for the event.

Photoshop Generative Fill AI Tool

We’ve been experimenting with the latest Photoshop Beta, which includes the AI-powered Generative Fill. We asked members of the team how they’d improve our beloved home, the Tobacco Factory, and fed the answers straight into the generator. After some careful curation, this is what we ended up with.

See what the Development team have been up to

Bespoke Development for a FTSE 100 company

Recently, the Development team has been working with a FTSE 100 company to help them migrate their infrastructure to a more reliable, resilient, and scalable solution. The infrastructure incorporates separate clusters of servers that are responsible for serving the end user with web applications and websites.

Load balancing helps distribute traffic across multiple servers, improving application availability, reducing latency, and enhancing overall reliability. This also gives flexibility to automatically scale the infrastructure to meet the demand of increasing or decreasing traffic. This fault tolerant architecture ensures uninterrupted service even in the event of server failures.

This type of architecture is perfectly suited to businesses or services that require an uninterrupted, always available service, such as SaaS platforms, CRMs, and ecommerce stores.

The latest from the Digital Marketing team

One Big Crcle

One Big Circle has created a unique solution that addresses rail track-side safety issues. They use advanced video technology on trains to capture footage of the rail network. Through AI and machine learning, they analyse the data to identify risks like rails, engineering materials, and graffiti. This information is then shared with rail companies to enhance safety measures.

Our Digital team is working with One Big Circle to boost their online visibility and authority through organic SEO, Paid Social, and Paid Search. As a collaborative team, we look forward to engaging with this project, as it delves into a new industry. As a team, we are excited to work on this project as it is a new industry in which we will be working, it allows us to approach our strategies from different vantage points, which is a great experience.


Hello, I’m Benny and I sit within the Digital team as a Digital Marketing Executive, with a focus on SEO.

How have you found life at Fanatic so far?

It’s been an incredibly exciting journey so far! The pace is definitely faster than my previous work experiences, but I’m learning a LOT, and my team has been incredibly patient and supportive throughout the process. Moving forward, I’m really excited to dive in, learn more, and become an integral part of the team!

What were you doing before Fanatic?

Before Fanatic, I was working at a consulting company in Bristol within their consultant graduate scheme. During my secondment in the Marketing team, I realised I had a strong interest in SEO and decided to pursue that path.

What made you choose Fanatic?

One of the aspects that really stood out to me was the close collaboration among the three different teams (Digital, Design and Development) at Fanatic. This makes it very accessible to learn new things beyond my own team! I also knew that I wanted to be a part of a team where my contributions could make a significant difference, and Fanatic seemed like the perfect fit!

What have you enjoyed the most so far?

The people of Fanatic – everyone here is very welcoming and always open for a chat! Although it’s a bit of a commute from where I live, coming in to the office has been a breath of fresh air for me (I was WFH in my previous company). There are times when it gets really busy – everyone’s chatting away, making coffees – and then there are pockets of silence where everyone gets their head down to work, and I love that balance!

I’ve also been loving our table tennis matches during lunchtime as well!

What’s an interesting fact about you?

I’m originally from India – Kerala to be specific. I spent my early years there until the age of 9, after which I moved to the UK with my family. I am fluent in my mother tongue, called ‘Malayalam’. Interestingly, it’s also a palindrome (it reads the same backwards as forwards).

Out and About

What we've been up to ...

Fanatic Members<

Fanatic Members

Bristol Balloon Festival

This year’s Balloon Fiesta, which took place from Thursday through Sunday, experienced a mix of sunshine and rain. Although some of the activities were cancelled due to bad weather, there were still plenty of other attractions to enjoy. These included the morning ascents, a balloon deflation race and the stunning Night Glow event, during which hot air balloons illuminated in sync with a musical soundtrack. The live music and the multitude of food and entertainment stalls also added to the experience! We all look forward to next year’s festival!