Take your brand straight to your audience’s inbox

With 4 billion daily users across the globe, email can seem like an easy way to get eyes on your business. Yet it takes careful planning and testing to craft a campaign that won’t get sent straight to the Spam folder.

Our email experts at Fanatic will take into consideration your goals, your customers, your competitors and your brand to create emails that stand out and demand engagement.

Our Email Marketing Services

We create bespoke written and visual content that takes into account the goals and ambitions of our clients, in order to create effective email campaigns.

Email content

We create engaging, eye-catching written and visual content that will stand out in a busy inbox.

Email streams

We create bespoke email flows to target users who abandoned their basket, to re-engage past customers and more to maximise profitability.


Data segmentation

We use analysis of email performance to sort users into groups, and create specific email campaigns that are tailored to their interests and needs.

Email strategy

We take into account your audience, your competitors and your business goals to craft an effective email strategy that potential customers won’t want to miss.

Get in touch with our Email Marketing Team today to find out how our team can help improve your email marketing performance.

Our Email Marketing Results

We’ve worked with a diverse range of clients in a number of industries to help them create and execute an effective Email marketing strategy that will drive traffic towards their site and generate conversions.

Lyme Bay Winery

Lyme Bay Winery

Lyme Bay Winery sells a huge variety of wines, spirits and other beverages on their e-commerce website. We used Klaviyo to create audience segments and send out more targeted campaigns, as well as introduced automated flows, including abandoned baskets.


Increase of revenue coming from email campaigns


increase in email Open Rate


increase of revenue from abandoned baskets


increase in orders placed from email

West Country Water Park

West Country Water Park

West Country Water Park is a leisure destination just north of Bristol which offers swimming, paddleboarding and other watersports activities. We used Mailchimp to create targeted campaigns based on audience activity interests.


increase in email click rate


increase in email bookings


increase in email dwell times