A Fusion of Perspectives

The CF initials received a series of geometrical modifications, to create a modern, simple and clean logo.

We designed a whole suite of branded materials, including internal signage, collateral and brochures, but the website is the centre piece of the project.

Carmichael Fisher
Carmichael Fisher

The new logo elevates the brand into a new generation. The new logo is clean, bold and modern.

Moving forward without forgetting the past

Web Design

Web Design

Bringing the Brand to Life

This project gave our teams the freedom to push their creativity and break new ground on the web development side of the project with a focus on animation/transitions.


The focus on motion throughout the site helps enforce the core values and diversity that was injected into the brand from the start of the project.

Bringing the Brand to Life
Bringing the Brand to Life

SEO & Digital Marketing

Growing a Global Brand

With so much hard work going into a wonderfully unique website, we needed to ensure a successful site migration and digital marketing plan. As a large, multinational company operating in a highly competitive market there were a range of considerations before the site could even go live.


From an in depth keyword research plan, which dictated the new content and site architecture, to a comprehensive site audit and redirection map our pre launch work ensured a minimal drop in traffic, followed by an exceptionally quick recovery and then improved growth.



Increase in New Users in 12 months


Impressions through Brand Awareness in a month


Improvement in the Bounce Rate