Communicating a clear brand proposition that speaks to a huge range of internal and external visitors


Powerful Brand Messaging makes a Powerful Website

We established a clear brand proposition that their food puts a smile on their guest’s faces, and portrayed the naturally progressive and modern nature of Compass Group.

We achieved this by using carefully selected and close cropped photography, mixed with short, oversized lines of text within the website design. The website feels modern and fresh and light on content due to its use of a flexible grid layout, where bright block colours are mixed with bold imagery.

Compass Group UK&I
Compass Group UK&I

Filming and Post Production

Short film bringing out community spirit and diversity targeted to the 60,000 strong internal audience.

Animation design and production

We’ve created animation explaining the benefits of the new internal recruitment app for all Compass employees.

A mobile first web development approach that’s built with user experience in mind

The site feels almost alive

Our HTML and CSS front end web development is more than simply displaying a web design, we aim to bring a site to life. The site should feel alive and energetic, and very easy to use.

It clicks, drags, swipes and taps in just the way our clients’ visitors would expect. With such attention to detail within its build it became a much more successful site.

SEO & Digital Marketing

Our Goal

Compass Group UK & Ireland are a FTSE 30 company, providing catering, food and support services in a huge range of locations from schools to hospitals, football stadiums to offshore oil rigs. Our goals were divided into two separate projects. First the successful launch of a SEO optimised new site with the goal of ranking for key service keywords.


The second was a stand alone SEO project with a specific focus on helping to support recruitment of chefs and kitchen related roles.




We successfully launched the website with all target keywords ranking in the top three positions in Google search results, which was a great success and created high quality enquiries leading to new contracts.

The second phase of the project also showed good returns, with some highly competitive keywords which the site has previously not ranked for, such as “chef jobs” and “chef apprenticeships”, being ranked on page one of Google search results.


Impressions in the last year


Increase in traffic to specific landing pages


Clicks on the Job Search page in the last year