Designing an investment philosophy infographic


How would an investment manager talk about what they do?

How can we capture this visually? We were invited to attend a regional conference where senior investment managers discussed various decisions and approaches to investment with advisors and sales teams. They’re able to eloquently convey their philosophy to a professional audience, discussing various pressures, market factors and contextual issues in person, and with he help of 60 slide presentations. Our brief was to design an infographic that did this in 10 seconds.

Campaign Graphic Design Infographics

Eye catching, original graphic design

We created a number of concepts to communicate themes of Risk & Reward, as well as costs of investments, which were designed to be original in their approach within the investment management marketing sector.


Interactive fund viewer and digital infographic

A fresh approach to how fund data can be viewed

Our investment philosophy infographic features a number of visualisations which lend themselves to an interactive digital presentation. Building on that we were asked to design and create a new interactive infographic, which we built in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


We also programmed our infographic to pull in the fund data from spreadsheets, making it faster to update, and ready to be integrated at a later date to another software platform.


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