We provide full hosting services, website support, and regular GDPR data compliance health checks

Website security is a question of proportionate response. Keeping software up to date, with security measures running, and removing old data, is the correct way to start.

A website is a collection of a number of pieces of software, always with a range of off-the-shelf, bespoke web development, and also a range of third party plugins. All can pose a security risk if left to go out of date. Making a set of specific security-minded changes to your site, we can mitigate 95% of potential attacks which are predominantly from bot or automated script hackers.

More bespoke use of advanced website security protocols and software, attacks by more determined hackers can also be largely mitigated. In all cases keeping control of who has access, and ensuring data is held securely and is also not allowed to get too old, form the basis of our website security and GDPR compliance approach.