We create reports that personify your brand and get your message out there

Why should reports be a chore to read? If your report doesn't jump off the page and inspire your audience then something's gone wrong.

At Fanatic, we pride ourselves in combining great visuals and stylish typography to create reports that are both visually stunning and highly functional. We’ve worked across various industries to create everything from research papers and business reports to industry analyses.

Our Report Making Process

The steps for success

Initial Style Ideas


How can we best present the information?

Our team reviews the content to get an understanding of the topic and craft the story that you want to tell. We then provide a series of style ideas that match your brand’s personality and the report’s message.

This first step can take any form required. From sketches by hand to fully-fledged digital mockups, we work in whatever format is most helpful to you.

Content Layout

More than just words on a page

We set all the content in the report and start putting together illustrations and graphics.

Depending on the length of the report we may have mid-project check-ins during this stage to ensure we’re still on the same page and that there are no surprises once the first draft is delivered.


Feedback & Revisions


From first draft to final version

After sharing the first draft we work collaboratively to ensure the document exceeds all expectations. Our clients highlight what they think is working well and what needs tweaking, and we continue to develop the report as needed until everybody is thrilled with the finished product.

Throughout the process we use a range of collaboration tools dependent on the number of stakeholders that are providing feedback at this stage of the project. This allows everyone to make suggestions and add comments in a central place.


Print or digital?

Once the report is signed off we work closely with you to find the best way of sharing the document and spreading your message.

We have relationships with a range of nationwide printers that are able to cater to any budget you may have.

If you’re more focused on the digital rather than the physical, our Development team can put together a micro-site to present your reports in a dynamic way.