Graphic Design and Campaign Identity Creation


Advice Advantage

As Vanguard’s lead UK creative agency, we work very closely with the in house investment writing team to bring the Advice Advantage campaign to life. This was set out to be an ambitious campaign, that would use a bold identity and character design to bring a set of client stories to financial advisors.

To examine the behaviours of clients and their individual stories, and how financial advisors should utilise their warm interpersonal skills to best effect, illustrations, animations and live action filming and even live stage show sketches were created.

To communicate this we used colour schemes to represent each story and character set –  the characters clothes follow a theme. This gives consistency to the character no matter which medium they appear in.

Active / Passive

Art Vs Science

The Active Passive campaign explored the subject of achieving the correct mix of active and passive investments within an investment strategy.


The campaign identity presented the theme as Art Vs Science, so we created bold icons – a circle graphic of mixed colours to represent the balance of art and science, an analogy of Active and Passive investment approaches.

This was primarily an infographic focussed project, using many different graphics to present hugely complex concepts in bite size chunks. We produced central marketing collateral and campaign identity pieces for use in social media and digital marketing, as well as face to face workshop collateral for the sales teams.