We use WordPress to deliver agile, expandable and uniquely customised websites.

The endless choice of features and plugins means our developers can build a site that’s perfectly matched to your requirements.

They can then expand on that foundation with their own hand-coded elements to ensure a truly bespoke customer journey.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is the largest supported CMS (Content Management System) globally, and the most popular choice on the market for building a website. From a simple blog to a huge ecommerce store, web developers can use WordPress to create any type of site imaginable to suit the needs of a customer.

The flexibility and scalability of WordPress, and how it can grow and evolve with a business is its greatest strength. ‘Future-proof’ is a big word in web development, but WordPress, with its community of millions of developers continually improving and evolving the CMS, is as close as it gets.


WordPress development

To make a full, feature-rich web page it’s essential to have a high level of content flexibility, which WordPress offers in spades. Features like the user system, media library and page publishing functionality mean that our developers can create advanced page layouts for a unique user experience.

There are also thousands of WordPress plugins, one for virtually everything that has ever been needed, like payment gateways, third party integrations, image handling and so many more. If the plugin you need doesn’t exist, our WordPress developers can create it for you.