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This month’s scrapbook contains crucial information surrounding updates to Umbraco 7 this month and updates to Google Analytics to come in July 2023. Our development and digital team have more information below!

Our designers have also been working hard to create fantastic visual designs for our clients at ERT. Meanwhile, our lead developer Craig took a well-deserved trip to the Kew Botanical Gardens in London this month. 

The team have been working hard to create great results for all our clients, and we love what we do. We look forward to a little break over the easter bank holidays and can’t wait to share some great projects we will work on this Spring!  Happy Easter everyone!

What's new in the
Design team?


Recently we’ve been working alongside long-term client ERT, to both design a printed report and create a new section of the website showcasing the digital version, allowing for more functionality and interactivity.


The report is focused on ‘Innovation In Europe’ and features stories from a number of ERT members including Nokia, Airbus, Orange and more. This was a great project to work on and showcase how we can produce collateral across various platforms in both digital and print.

Here are some of the fantastic designs produced for the website and report. Discover more excellent results and assets created by our talented Design team here.


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team have been up to

Umbraco Updates

Having maintained Umbraco 7 websites for some time, we felt it was essential to inform our clients about the importance of upgrading to the latest version. While Umbraco 7 was a great platform, it now lacks many of the new features and improvements that are available in the latest version.

Upgrading can significantly improve your website’s performance, security, and functionality, giving you access to new tools and features that can enhance the user experience for your visitors and give you more control over your content and site management. Upgrading to the latest version ensures your site is protected by the latest security measures and patches.


Here at Fanatic, we are committed to providing the best possible service to our clients, and upgrading to the latest version of Umbraco is one way we can help you achieve your goals. Not only will it improve your website’s performance and security, but it will also ensure that it stays updated with the latest industry standards and trends.

To learn more about how Fanatic can help you, contact us here.

The latest from the
Digital Marketing team

*URGENT* What you need to know about GA4! *URGENT*

In October 2021, Google announced their new product GA4, a new version of Google Analytics. Allowing marketers to track and analyse user behaviour and interactions to evaluate and understand their user journey better and improve their user experience.

GA4 is built on a completely different data structure and collects data using different logic than the previous Google Analytics. The new update brings new ways of using and analysing data with Google Analytics for marketers and can potentially impact overall business, and results users will have seen previously. Google is planning on phasing out Google Analytics in July 2023, meaning it is essential that you learn as much as you can about GA4 as soon as possible.


The update may take a while for users to understand fully; however, we have a highly trained Digital Marketing team who have already familiarised themselves with GA4, to provide our clients with the best possible service and support.

We suggest researching the changes to get a solid understanding of what to expect, but if you have any questions or concerns surrounding the upcoming change, please feel free to contact us. Further training can be found here.


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This month our lead developer Craig took a well-earned break to the lovely Kew Botanical Gardens in London.

Craig, Lead Developer <

Craig, Lead Developer

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