Fanatic Summer T-shirt Competition

Our annual chance for the whole team to get creative.

We’re very proud to have such a creative team at Fanatic and in the Summer 2018, we decided to launch a t-shirt competition to give everybody an opportunity to maximise on these talents and abilities.

We’re always producing amazing designs for our clients and this competition is about creating a design our team will love and want to wear.

The 2019 winner


Sam's design wins the vote

Sam’s design won the competition in 2019, with its boldly coloured Airfix model of a Creative machine.

The T shirt comes in three colours, cleverly using the same screen print. It summed up our expression of Craft perfectly.

Entries are in for 2019

Graphic design from across the studio

Here are the entries from across the studio, not just the designers…

The Winner is Tom's Design



The Design brief for the 2018 T shirt competition was ‘Inspiration’. Tom’s winning design was a huge montage of inspirational imagery that went into ‘the making of a designers mind’.

As an animator, Tom’s mind was filled with visual characters and icons from the 90s animated characters, images from films, games, TV and music. The team especially likes the Delorean, Sponge Bob, the X Wing and the Game Boy, even Mr Blobby gets a prime space.

Fanatic T-Shirt Printing Process ft. Fyahfly Screen Printing

Entries for 2018