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Artificial Intelligence

As a team, we have been discussing the potential impact of AI on our society and the job market. As with any technological advancement, AI presents both opportunities and challenges. On the one hand, AI has the potential to revolutionise industries, improve efficiency, and enhance our daily lives.

The Fanatic team has been engaging in weekly discussions to explore these very topics. Our conversations are a mix of curiosity, excitement, and a tinge of apprehension. But how does this affect Fanatic and, more importantly, our client partnerships?

How will AI affect Fanatic?

Over the next quarter, the Fanatic team will develop AI policies while publishing informative blogs to enhance clarity, positioning, and understanding of this transformative technology.

We will explore the importance of ethical considerations, ensuring that AI is developed and implemented in a responsible manner that respects privacy, fairness, and accountability.

As we embark on this journey together, it is our utmost priority to ensure that both our clients and team have a thorough understanding of our stance and approach towards AI.

What's new in the
Design team?


Recently, we have been working with Truespeed, a high-speed fibre broadband provider, to revamp their website. The aim of the project was to give them a refined, stable, and future-proofed platform with which they could continue to grow.

Utilising Trusepeed’s key brand elements, motion graphics, and our UX expertise, we brought this vision to life. We’re now working on the next phase of this project, designing the new UX and building a broadband purchasing app that will fit seamlessly within the WordPress website base.

Fanatic T-shirt competition

This month is a big one for the creatives on the team. Each year, Fanatic hosts a t-shirt design competition to express our design imagination.

We get to showcase our artistic powers and compete in our unique styles against one another. The best part? We spice things up by introducing different themes each year! This year’s theme is Retro Media & Technology, a theme that represents the tech that Gen X loved between 1980-1995. Winners will be announced next month!

Fyahfly Screenprinting brings the winning design to life by screen printing the artwork onto organic t-shirts. The Fanatic team wears the winning design each year representing the creativity that thrives within our team.

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See what the Development
team have been up to

Web App building with Fanatic

Building a bespoke app offers numerous benefits. They represent opportunities to customise functionality to suit the client’s needs, that are not fulfilled by either their website or an off-the-shelf server-side or cloud app already available on the market.

Our development team can engineer completely bespoke web apps that fit seamlessly alongside or within your website, which will provide a competitive advantage firstly through a specific UX that can be delivered, but also from the ability to push and pull data with the website or other external sources and platforms.

Bespoke web apps as part of websites also benefit digital marketing efforts too; with omnichannel integration and highly accurate data, you’re able to have a deep understanding of your customers by using the digital marketing traffic through your web app customer journeys.

One Big Circle new website launch

This month, our development team launched One Big Circle’s new website. One Big Circle has been a client of ours for many years, and their product, based on machine vision and AI, is truly advanced. One Big Circle has developed a solution that combines software and hardware build to overcome challenges related to rail track-side safety.

The innovative approach involves using forward-facing video technology to capture footage from trains travelling across the rail network. Machine learning and AI automatically collect data from the critical line-side environment, understanding the potential risks for example with ballast, rails and spare engineering materials, graffiti and much more, and report it to the clients – the rail companies.

We created the original branding for One Big Circle as a startup, but this new website is supporting their rapid growth within the rail engineering sector.

Our team has meticulously crafted the new design and UX for the website, establishing a clear content hierarchy and incorporating interactive elements to communicate the services offered by the OBC product, AIVR.

One Big Circle, with AIVR, is the market leader in track-side safety and onboard video capture, and the website showcases its credentials and achievements within the technology space.

The latest from the
Digital Marketing team

How social media has quickly evolved

In recent years, we have witnessed a significant change in the way people engage with social media. This shift has been created by the diversification of platforms, the separation of demographics, and the expansion of content creation. Audiences have clustered, with different segments gravitating towards specific platforms.

Notably, younger audiences have shown a preference for emerging platforms like TikTok and other newcomers, highlighting the need for businesses to adapt their strategies and tailor their content to reach these distinct demographic clusters. Technology is only advancing, and more new features are continuously being developed.

Ensuring your social media channels align with your business goals is important for effective communication, connecting with customers, and engaging with your target audience. Here at Fanatic, we understand the dynamic nature of social media, and our team is continuously learning new strategies to stay at the forefront of change.

Google’s New Search with Generative AI

Over the last 25 years, Google has devoted itself to the science of building a search engine. Google is now making significant advancements within AI-powered search, introducing Generative AI to answer new types of questions and organise information efficiently. 

Generative AI improves the search experience by presenting AI-powered snapshots and enabling natural conversational interactions. It assists users in making shopping decisions with detailed product descriptions and a vast database of constantly updated listings. They will also be introducing Search Labs, which allow users to participate in early experiments and provide feedback on products and services.

For Fanatic these advancements will help our team deliver more effective search results. Google is continuously updating its algorithm, and after every update, we simply adjust our strategies and move forward, ensuring high domain authority and helping our clients generate organic traffic.

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Annies trip to Montenegro

Annie Wright <

Annie Wright

Trip to Montenegro

We started in Durmitor National Park in the mountains, then drove to Biogradska national park and ended on the coast in Sveti Stefan.

The highlight of the trip was visiting one of the Glacial Lakes called Black Lake or road-tripping along the Tara Canyon, via the Ostrog Monastery and ending at the coast where the weather was a lot warmer. Montenegro also seemed to have a huge population of incredibly cute and very friendly dogs.

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