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The exciting news this month is that we’ve been making preparations for our return to the Fanatic office in September. A new carpet has been laid, the desks have been moved around for better social distancing and we’ve created a schedule that means we’ll be splitting our weeks with some days in the office and some days working from home.

Although it will be strange coming back after nearly 6 months, we’re really excited to see everyone’s faces again and start getting back to (sort of) normal. And we’re looking forward to actually meeting our .Net Developer Phil in person, as he joined the Fanatic team right in the middle of lockdown!

What's new in the
Design team?

Creative meets industrial

Recently we’ve been doing some illustration work for the European Round Table for Industry. ERT is a group of 50 industrial leaders who aim to promote prosperity and competitiveness within Europe.

Reinforcing what’s important

The purpose of the illustrations we created was to help convey ERT’s key messages within their internal presentations. The style uses a blend of vector illustration and some additional texturing to give it a bit of character.

See more illustrations from the Fanatic Design team

As well as this illustration project, we thought we’d share a handful of other illustration projects we are particularly proud of. Head over to the Fanatic Illustration page or our Instagram to see more of the Design team’s work.

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Helping a creative client

The new site for Munich-based business Konzepthaus Consulting was launched last month. With a sleek new design, the site now highlights and focuses on their specialties: Design Recruitment, Digital Recruitment, and Innovation Consultancy.

Creating a seamless user journey

The site features new search functionality, allowing users to search and browse the design and digital roles that Konzepthaus have to offer. Users can now submit their CV and information directly to the company’s recruitment management platform, creating a more streamlined application process.

Putting great content centre stage

The site also acts as a platform to showcase Konzepthaus’ blog posts and podcasts. With lots of quality content to share, it was important users could explore, read, and listen with ease.

The latest from the
Digital Marketing team

Advanced Technical SEO Summit 2020

Our Technical Director James recently attended BrightonSEO’s latest virtual conference, which took a more in-depth and detailed look at the technical aspects of SEO. The talks covered topics such as JavaScript, B2B migrations and Google’s Natural Language Processing (NPL), but one of James’ highlights was about the art of tech audits.

How to do a really good tech audit - Dominic Woodman, Senior Consultant at Brainlabs

Audits are one of the key services we offer to our Fanatic clients, so we were keen to hear Dominic’s tips on how to make them as engaging and effective as possible. The purpose of a tech audit is to identify and solve technical problems within a website in order to boost traffic and engagement, so it’s a key step in helping a business to be more successful.

Our two favourite tips from Dominic

1) Show the root cause, not just the symptoms. This gives clients a much better understanding of the problem and allows them to take part in the discussion around how to fix it.

2) Prioritise the most important tasks. We never want to overwhelm our clients with a list of suggestions, so we try to highlight one or two improvements that can be started immediately.

Look out for more of James’ thoughts on the Technical SEO Summit in future Fanatic blogs!

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Rob, Studio Manager<

Rob, Studio Manager

Industry News

Adobe XD co-editing

With the Fanatic team still working remotely, we’ve been looking into ways we can improve and build on our workflows and efficiency in this new normal. One of the things we have started utilising is Adobe XD’s co-editing feature (currently in beta).

This allows multiple users to access the same document and edit it in real time. Meaning you can be on a call with your team (or even clients) and work more efficiently by being able to make changes yourself. This feature is still in development but we are already seeing the benefits of this type of workflow.

Sam, Senior Graphic Designer

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