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August is usually a quiet month at Fanatic thanks to the summer holidays. However, this year we saw an influx of new prospects in the past month, with lots of proposals and plans going over to new and existing clients. It’s great to see such a variety of work in the pipeline.

In other news, Sam and Ian went to London for the day to meet with one of our newest clients, Bayley & Sage, and discuss some upcoming photoshoots we’ve got planned. We’re ready for another busy month ahead!

What's new in the
Design team?

Thomas has been working on the Express Angola website

We’ve recently launched a new site for Express Angola, a Compass Group company. We needed to create a site that worked in both English and Portuguese and allowed users to swap between the two sites easily.

Working on a non-English site has its quirks as it really makes you appreciate the design when you can’t read the text! We learnt a lot during this process and have had a couple more multilingual sites come across our desks in the last few weeks. Stay tuned!

See what the Development
team have been up to

Ben has been rebuilding a website for an LA restaurant

Manuela is an eatery in Los Angeles that is ran by our client Artfarm, who are a team of hospitality specialists. We were asked to rebuild Manuela’s website on WordPress to improve its accessibility and create a seamless experience for all users. This involved introducing screen readers and working with the design team to minimise colour contrast.

Phil created an audience profile builder for the Digital team

When creating a marketing strategy for a new client, one of the key steps the Digital team takes is to build a profile of the hypothetical users they might want to target. They can then devise a strategy for targeting each separate profile and create content that is targeted toward each archetype’s interest. When creating these profiles, our digital team was initially forced to use various sub-par or expensive third-party web applications but Phil recently developed our own bespoke tool using Umbraco. This has allowed us to style the profiles how we like, in line with our agency’s brand, generating profiles that are more presentable for our clients.

The latest from the
Digital Marketing team

Amy has been creating a Social & Content Plan for Royal Armouries

Royal Armouries Conference and Events comprises a number of events spaces in Leeds that provide the perfect setting for Christmas parties, weddings, exhibitions and more. We’ve recently been undergoing a research and auditing process to determine the success of their current marketing activity and make suggestions as to how better to express their brand and their offerings.

We then created 3-month Content and Social Plans, designed to grow the Royal Armouries audience base and boost bookings. Within the Content Plan, there’s a big focus on optimising the current website pages in order to target relevant keywords and drive traffic to the site. We’re also going to be creating some new content, including articles and pages around Christmas Parties, since this will be our main push going into Autumn.

For the Social Plan, there’s a mix of updates, advice, and highlights of what Royal Armouries offers. Our designer Annie has been working on a visual identity for the brand and has created some brilliant assets for use on social media.

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Marcello went to Lucca in his native Italy, where he climbed the 45-metre Guinigi Tower

Marcello, Senior Developer<

Marcello, Senior Developer

What’s inspired us this month?

Greatness recognises greatness

“I inspired myself this month” – Phil

Phil, .Net Developer

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