Creating a logo

We were approached by OptionsDesk to create a brand and website that would showcase them as the UK’s leading Options Brokers. It needed to be professional, bold, clear and have room to grow.

One of the first steps was to create a logo. We landed on a simple yet strong design that used subtle details to give a nod towards options. For instance, the ‘N’ is made up of a set of up and down arrows, evoking the rise and fall nature of trading.

Creative Executions

Instantly recognisable

OptionsDesk is also aimed at education and information, being a platform to help people better understand the world of options trading.

The core brand message of ‘Harness the Power of Options’ fed into the design elements throughout the website.

One of the key graphical devices we developed is a ‘vol surface’, an array of dots with varying heights across the surface that evokes a wave. This is representative of the time, price and volatility of options trading and is a distinctive device for the brand.


Website Design & Build

OptionsDesk Online

We designed and built a website for OptionsDesk which is both a platform for insights and business generation. The goal being a well-rounded experience that anyone, at any experience level, could come into and find out about options trading and or contact the team at OptionsDesk.

The website utilises the brand assets, giving a professional, clean and approachable look and feel across all platforms.