The worlds of graphic design and 3D design are beginning to seamlessly integrate

The application of 3D in digital outcomes has become more accessible than ever

Whether it’s static 3D graphics, animations, interactive 3D objects on a website or prototypes, 3D has a huge amount of scope in design and web development. The application of 3D can really elevate a project’s uniqueness and interactivity.

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3D Design integrated with Augmented Reality

The merging of the real world and 3D design at your fingertips

For Christmas 2019 we created an AR (Augmented Reality) experience where you could explore a festive scene right in the palm of your hand! This application of 3D design integrated with the real world has a huge variety of particle industry uses including product renders, venue visualisation, architectural prototypes and much more.

36 Days of Type

3D Experiments

36 Days of Type is an annual opportunity for designers to flex their creative muscles and try out new skills. Our team took the 2020 challenge as a chance to develop their 3D skills and see what new designs they could create. Their efforts included hard surface modelling, texturing, sculpting, animation and much more.

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Digital Illustration

Impactful, stylistic and fresh

3D offers so much variety in creating digital illustrations, from hyper-realistic designs to a more stylised approach.

Here you can see some experimenting we did with social posts using 3D applications. We used a mixture of styles to convey different messages. You can also see the AR project we created for Christmas 2019 where we developed a Christmas scene that you can explore right in your living room using your phone!